We all know the pressure is on to make products better, do more, have active ingredients, include botanicals, work hard. In short, be functional.

The market doesn’t want tea anymore it wants tea that will help with detox, currant buns that can improve digestion, face cream that plumps and firms – and ALL without any nasties, chemical additives, synthetic flavours, preservatives. And of course organic. Are they asking too much? Not if you have the herbal know-how.

You might manufacture tea, or pies, or face cream. Smoothies? Snacks? Protein shakes? Body scrubs, facepacks, fizzy drinks. It’s all possible.

Let us show you how.

So you need to get your products into the wellbeing space. But aren’t those claims a load of old nonsense?

They don’t have to be. Imagine getting products out to the market that actually deliver on function. We don’t want any more of the hyped up ‘drink a cup and look ten years younger in a week’ hogwash. Your consumers are savvy, they are fed up being duped.

They want the real deal. And you need to communicate with them but there’s a lot you are not allowed to say.

You find a herbal ingredients expert with industry knowledge, experience across varied sectors, able to bring a new twist to old formulas, add functional ingredients that deliver on wellbeing and advise on clear names and sensible messaging that builds trust between you and your consumer.


Founder Pamela Spence is a successful medical herbalist who has a wealth of experience helping steer industry leaders through the complex maze of re-visualising their products and creating great, functional products that make consumers come back for more. Pamela has worked on projects from herbal teas to gels, body creams to herbal supplements. She has advised on ingredients, tested recipes, written and edited marketing copy, worked with regulatory teams and sees products she has helped to produce claim key space on supermarket shelves with great sales data.

Pamela’s unique experience in writing great copy, married with her unrivalled expertise in functional ingredients means that we can walk alongside your whole journey from concept to testing to formulation to marketing.

‘People don’t buy products, they buy stories. Tapping into the unique story of your company, creating ranges that reflect your USP and bringing quality, functional ingredients into that is what excites me most about this work. Finding those golden words that will make a new consumer stop and look at your products in the supermarket instead of drifting on by your aisle; communicating how a product can help when we are not in the arena of making health claims and seeing that whole process comes together – that is pure magic. And THEN to hear back from happy consumers who are experiencing the functional benefits of your products. That is the icing on the [superfood] cake. Less bs, more really helpful products for consumers. I guess you could say that’s my mission!’

Yes I want to unlock the power of plants!

Our herbal ingredients expert


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